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Trey Too experimental and not as funny as the last release. Still a great EP/LP/whatever Favorite track: THE LEADER OF THE PACK.
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LmfaoBen This is some next level shit. What do you not understand? Buy it. Favorite track: LD IS NEXT LEVEL.
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A collection of songs.


released February 14, 2013




all rights reserved
Sooper Swag to the rescue.
We've got a new album.
It's the one that you're listening to.
So clap your hands bitches.
Go to sleep bitches.

Track Name: STASH
i was born with a stash, born in a mansion
you cant understand i record in a mansion, gi
joe goin ham bitch--"pork chop sandwiches"
throwin up my hands blowin gashes need some bandages

born with cash advantages baby straight from heaven
every time i hit the jackpot im on seven seven seven
constantly on call for the kelvins hot heat woah let it simmer
down i think yo oven's gotta jeep in or around it

sounded like i clouded your vision about the
loudest bound to roll up on this downy laundry
spout bitch thousands fillin up my trousers
is this the business not til i announced it

flossin goin straight orthodontist
jaundice yellow bone bitch right up on dick
tracy pasty want a taste of me? i'll let you take a
seat on this d makin me the happiest boy on baker st

thick viscous. molasses from my dick bitch
taste the maple every flavor gets you fucking lifted
gift it. amazon wishlist gettin you the
rich ish 99% percent i'm the richest

Get up out your seat bitch, You're not standing.
I'm outstanding, give my fans candy.
pop rocks.
Why are my fans so demanding?
always want more, I'm not talking bout Mandy (Moore).
I'm talking bout swagging, put down the chopper mr. trapper
don't need acting to show you i'm a rapper.
with Frank Zappa swagger.
Don't need cash with swag like me.
So generous.
Watch, I'll drop tracks free.
Merry Christmas, love the best, JD.
Do not test JD.
I'll drop a hate rap in 7 seconds.
leave you KO'd, Tekken'd, no weapons.
perplexin' your mind with complex and divine shit.
OH YOU make music? too bad it ain't my shit.
maybe next time.
Tempa's the next hype. I'm the hype after that.
i'm the new face of rap.
Tupac's dead you faggots, get off his nuts.
Bass drops and claps, different timings.
Sooper swaggin'
girls move your butts.
We throw uppercuts, the haters grow up.
Throw up SSP, the best in scene, and if you're testing me ,we say rest in peace. We're blessed with speech, and some swagged glitch beats.

Next level.

This right here, is 7/4. SOoper Hyphy Math swag, Thank you Basedgod hashtag. You can’t touch my flow, if you don’t see me rapping, then I am dropping blast beats, I’m on a whole ‘nother world,


Are you impressed yet? are the girls undressed yet? The answer yes, is your best bet. Bet that I can get a whole club of girls, dancing in 7. the pretty girls, they’re all saying “good gosh JD, You’re so hyphy, swagging nicely.”

I’d have to agree. Please name another, who even comes close, to swagging like me. Riddled Riddims is what I’m spittin’.

Gettin’ women wigglin’, jigglin’ and gigglin’. I’m thrash kitten and I’m spittin ritalin. so Stop, Pay attention, and st st start listenin’. to the beat glitchin’ and dance.

Hello girls, you’re movin’ and groovin’. So move it or lose it, I’ve got girls to be choosin’. Haters, screw all your music, my new album drops soon and so,

Love it, Trust me, The floor is busting through, cus i cus i gotta.



hello i'm luscious. you think you can touch this?
im four deep on dutches, your sweets is on crutches
bitch i get free lunches. you eat out the dumpsters
im feastin on munchies. you beastin on rubbish

i throw this--oh, there it go! four seconds until im come wreckin it, bitch i
second that emotion. who just dropped some water in the ocean?
us. we did. treated
you. wendy's. beef n'

stew. wonton soup. bitch i look like brandon
im so fabulous, bitch run up and grab a
dick. i slip some shit in your cup... jump wiggle it's
up, your time is nigh. call me bill, science guy.

i'm. riding high as fuck. put my lighter up.
minors hide your cups. kidding. put those blinders up.
show those headlights... pop a tit out
throw yo head like... i got my dick out


Hop and squirm and burn and drag
the beat but I pick it up gradually magically
making you groove in and movin your feet
an I Jump when the beat is bumpin
and pump a Duncan and dunk the pumpkin
like swish
while the thugs are hoopin I'll be the one
baller goof troopin and doing stupid shit

(I) Did it first well rehearsed got enough verses to submerge the girth of the earth in
super lazy on the beat
crappily rappin like i'm half deceased
diseased quarantine me
nnamdi go hard with the zombie flow start
apocolypse no niggas stoppin this dope
Awesome shit so
Track Name: MONEY

im laying bricks... stackin money
gold carats... easter bunny
she's gunnin for me or somethin
i think i stink. chiefin on blunts like sausage links

im steady drinking, im heady thinkin
im blunted on the brink of existence
this is my message, isn't it? i believe so.
i read slow, im sorry, i appreciate yo

patience. im blazin on haitian-wrapped hay shit.
faded. dazed in this bitch, laced to the
tip. face in yo clit, raise hell like a
lift. waist on my hips cause im built like im

rich. i been had money.
"camera man, camera man, try and find a twenty"
no funny, my sky sunny days for weeks i bleed
green sheets, no green peace, just green weed and benjies.


I'm not really clever
but the words that i deliver
shoot ten times as better
then tech 9's barretta
I get mine the cheddar
a synonym for greener
than the envy you exute cuz' loots
synonymous with me

spit classic fur elise
my gurl is wearing fur
i see you're staring for at least
a minute at us furiously
jealous that i make that dough
money blow it out my hole
my john hancock for a lease
I bought after this track released
I reached, high peaks,
my feets, hop on the top of monopoy
popular optocoupler

I attract light
I attract your father's wife
and your daughters got some hands up in her
tracking her device
i own tennis courts and i dont even like to play sports
my baller skills get dollar bills
and shallow girls in short shorts
Of course, they see the money and get itchy like a rash RIGHT?
show up for the cash
but stay because i act nice


when's it comes to money my cash stash is lackin.
Cuz having stash massive is only rap fashion.
My cash flows passive but i keep the tracks active.
It's fucked up I release gold nothin
Ain't that some shit I could write a fuckin folk song get in hipster girl hemp thongs and make twice as much twice as quick.
But odd timings get nada dinero.
They dont count 4 I get zero.
I guess I gotta recycle to get money.
reproduce Samsies so drake fans pay me,
Fucking hand me ukulele girls hand me money nakey.
because the world needs more cute love songs with g chords.
Hit em with the upper hand fuck your strokes cover band.
Fuck Rick Ross.
Your songs' are all the same thing.
Huh huh huh.
I just want a bag of money.
i'm standing with checks ripped.
I don't need lettuce or karats to tear and pack a bomb set list.
I don't need fans with checks cashing,
I just want some recognition and a room full of kittens.
Generic lyrics bands pushing fans to the merch store.
"come on guys we're almost on warped tour"
new album ITunes. Coming soon. 10 dollars. Sounds like the rest but it's new.
Track Name: BIG ASS LION
Wuttup, you know i've been had raps.
I've been had girls.
We've been had naps.
Got bed head naps, I'm the king of bringing blushes.
BITCH I rule luscious.
Fuck school lunches, I got steaks on plate.
i pull my weight times 8.
You can't hate on strength. HM04
girls implore me for a show of my face, or a glance in these pants.
bitch you need to lose more weight because...
I like them slim pickens, hello yellow girlies,
got me swirly love stricken.
Chun Li hunnies, love me back please, and I'll keep your endorphins
active like hi hats in trap beats.

Some poetry slammin' beatnik told me I ain't hip hop.
Stop flexin you're old school. Bitch you're not old school, all like..
"I like tupac" with your K-Mart Run shirt on.
Mr. Hipster needs to get a hit of listerine from Hister.
Because your breath stanks from sippin' on java.
Crunchin on Kale, saying swag because its cool.
Give Lil B his things back before I grab a ski mask.
Tempa T and swing.
you're knees CRACK.
feed your teeth back and rip off that mustache.
Listen, I'm the only bitch with a mustache.
Razzle Dazzle bitch, smack you with your mandolin.
Vandalist, I'll break every toe in those sandals, bitch.

What other rapper could switch on a dime.
Switch it to grime.
triplets to 8th notes.
Water to wine.
Im like, the best rapper out there.
I'm like the cutest boy out there.
i'm like Wu Tang and Brad Pitt.
i'm like hitler with lasers.
I'm like A BIG ASS LION.
Track Name: LD DROPS IT
drop it in some water call me mc drink
hello bitches i am in your pants elite
get you wet like a beach, i am swimming in your sea
see me? you never see the rain deplete

bitch i am to please, my fog leave you hazy
condensation, drip. i'm tasty.
water droplets put the moist on all yer solids turn your
dirt up into islands in a pile cause you nasty.

you wanna touch the oven but i gotta keep it hot
you wanna see me thuggin when the aquafina drop
im ridin. brian bowlegged on assignment
try this. you couldn't come close in the slightest. midas!

leader of the pack bitch, slap your stupid faggot ass through a mattress
i pull fucking hat tricks, call me wayne gretzky when you answer us.
i'm cancerous, no really i'm sick. please gimme some money so i can get rich
you can't deny me my last dying wish. i am willing to suck on a dick for this shit

i am kidding of course. measure the force from me, isaac newton.
bitch im stackin wheat. i get gluten.
gluten i got, im too tense to be spotted im
the father of thirty children wit at least seventy-five mommas

i'm obama. i'm black. i'm the president. i'm back and i'm
mad as hell and i won't fucking take it anymore i'm taking a four minute nap
goodnight get some shit done while im sleepin
i believe in you. you my team. just kiddin you dreamin bitch

shut up. i dont trust nobody with no shit
im han salo. on some all up on my own shit
fuck everyone in the world in the ass crack
im the leader bitch. im the leader of the pack.


The leader of the pack
Driving round
Ld's smoking reefers in the back
Nnamdis feasting on some snacks
On my lap is max he's my cat.
And Hes the leader of the cats.
Were jumping leap years with this track.
I'm Balto I'm rudolph I'm Ghandi with shoes off.
Everybody, follow the leader or swallow your teeters,
You can bet chief keefers got heaters and some macs.
your not a leader of the packs.
I'm the leader of the pack
Testin beakers in the lab
Making beats up on my Mac
And then I beat up on the track
I'm Aretha extra black
I am kobe teamed with shaq
And im seeded top of swag
I'm the leader of the pack


1998 korn follow the leader of the pack
mountain dew code red swallow got a liter in my pack
feel fine call me gato
scaredy cats feline make a bee line towards
the exit i'm prepared for that
I dare you to act out while i'm handelin my bidness
You mad?
I'll smack a piece of paper don draper crossed off my hit list
bitch please you goons are used to me polite and acting sweeter than snack
but shit i'm hustling every night cause i'm he leader of the pack
Track Name: VIOLENCE 2

bitch i'm cranky. you're mad? well i'm angry.
tank team... comin through with a hanky
cause youre cryin. super saiyan tyin' off in this bitch
brian baliga's tryna get shit

baaaaaaaased...i'm on the ground layin' bitch
fuck christmas, i ain't givin' shit i'm takin' shit.
rakin' in shipments, my swag come in triplets.
three's company, call me john ritter bitch.

nick at nite, pick a fight wit my hyphy crew, your life's over.
kill your kids, kill yourself, then i'll invite your wife over.
we swipe doja, light it up and get bowled over.
smoke weed covert and get baked like broken toasters, bitch.


I spit bars, gleaks on the track.
deep with the swag, I'm tired.
so I make a beat and attack it. Shit.
My swag makes you nauseous.
Nnamdi, Embrace yourself for some raw shit.
Dump a bitch in the creek, She's Dawson'd.
Set the trap, Rick Rossin, heard you got a sweet tooth.
Better catch the bitch flossin'.
Need good hygiene for my team, i'll leave you crying,
even in different timings.
you're fighting for a spot at the top, well stop.
Start making up the mountain.
SSP at the peak.
Flames spittin' out my mouth, burns a hole in my cheek.
Hold on to seats. because this is a whole different scene.
and we run it.
before I cast an avalanche, Humpin girls like camel's backs.
Can you handle that?

It's jd on the cypher.
Rowdy rowdy fighter.
I ain't trappin shit, but I like lighting fires.
power violence writer.
Spazzing out ask me how.
I switch from (rah rah rah)
To Ihhh I'm swagger out.
Hister leaves you blacked out.
My stats is fuckin maxed out.
Kiss goodby im triple triad, A's on every edge now.
Swoo. I ain't I ain't trapping shit. I'm playin ff8 ill let basedgod hit the licks.
I'm cakes I spit caustic. Raw shit.
Unleash the dog shit. Pause it.
My tracks are always frosted with the finest of Sauces.
You keep your standard laws kid. I'm on some new shit. Next level. Less treble. More bass and girls yellow.
I'm rated best fellow. Best artist . Best ----.
You Best, put down the mic and just accept that I'm the hypest.
Nicest, why is it so hard to get the right gig?
Oh cuz I don't sound like Wayne or some fuckin "trappin" white kid.

You won't catch me trappin shit.
Catch me in my car with some candy and a bitch.
Pop rocks. Nintendo sixty four pushing sticks.
I'll let Flocka push the bricks.
I like actin like a kid.

I ain't trappin shit

trapped like a bug in a glue pit
sooper swag is the crew shit
smooth sailing like cruise ships
nice boys leaving milfs in moist hoity toity cutie
comas asap
jd bri and nnamdi reunite like kids in
parent trap
pushin buttons like super smash
rowdy JD hit the dash
LD burnin up da hash
i'm in the corner laughing at em
up and atom McBain
you cling to the drain
track thirsty niggas let me explain
i'm thurston moore
playin sonic on sega genesis
and wasting my youth like i'm a degenerate
kangaroo got a pouch and i'm spending it
hopping 'round the street
the taste on my tooth is sweet
and i know that i cant be beat
but i still keep it cool
Track Name: 40 OZ CUP
40 Ounce Cup 40 Ounce Cup 40 Ounce Cup 40 Ounce Cup 40 Ounce Cup 40 Ounce Cup 40 Ounce Cup 40 Ounce Cup 40 Ounce Cup 40 Ounce Cup 40 Ounce Cup 40 Ounce Cup 40 Ounce Cup 40 Ounce Cup40 Ounce Cup 40 Ounce Cup 40 Ounce Cup 40 Ounce Cup 40 Ounce Cup 40 Ounce Cup 40 Ounce Cup 40 Ounce Cup 40 Ounce Cup 40 Ounce Cup
Track Name: NNAMDI
His name is Nnamdi
Push open the door coming home from a stressful week
bored out of my mind hangin my head down like i'm doing lines of
connect the dots expect it not to ever get much better
until i slam the door and lock it sit down and take off my sweater vest

every day before has been bleak the same old boring routine
power up the computer and tower over it like a girzzly bear
pretend the start up sounds are it cowering like its a little scared
sit up in my folding chair big and black like Tyler perr(y)

afro pick in my hair on that nappy shit Upton Sinclair its graphic
I do bad shit in my jungle.. (continuous 8th notes)
open up my itunes and put on some mr bungle
give in to the urge to throw it down like i'm rapunzel

(let down your hair...(deep voice) I CANT BITCH IM NOT EVEN HERE))

in a moment i'm alone in my own world ..pretty scary shit
all rationality is lost like the weight off drew careys balls
punching holes into my walls i throw shit up like randy moss

I dont need a huge crowd to get me moshing in my room
music dont gotta be loud to get me moshing in my room
computer speakers blown my headphones on i'm in the zone
dont knock and ask me what i'm doing bitch i'm moshing in my room

oooooohh barracuda ok computer
waka flocka chaka kahn i just turnd-ed shuffle on
song after song until they're gone daddy gone.
every playlist makes my dayshift seem irrelevant

hella sick of dealing with these idiots at work
so when i get home i put on some Big Freedia and start to twerk
i imagine these accessories are my coworkers standing next to me
get mad and flex and then smash my shit to smithereens
regret sets when i have to clean it up

but i still dont give a !@#%
bitch i'm moshing in my room until i'm
out of breath green in the face place trashed like oscar the grouches house
saliva streaming from my mouth as i scream the lyrics to fat lip
Frank Zappa swagger black sabbath i'm going batshit

playing air bass to mingus
calluses on my fingers
bouncing off my the walls like sugar cults
made out of flubbbber dolls
i aint trappin shit i mastered it like lex luger
my rooms a wes craven film starring freddy krueger

cant even contain myself when busta rhymes comes up on itunes
unexplained my brain and body form a fuckin typhoon
spin around in circles looking goofie steven urkle
abuse my ears so much they start to blush the color purple

I dont need a huge crowd to get me moshing in my room
music dont gotta be loud to get me moshing in my room
computer speakers blown my headphones on i'm in the zone
dont knock and ask me what i'm doing bitch i'm moshing in my room

i'm rockin shitty pocket held earbuds that work just fine
but even homeless dudes have beats BY DRE right next to their bottled wine
shits overpriced i'd rather fill my ears with hooker pee
OMG they stinky like onions greener than booker t

now every black kids got em its a crime niggas is victims
eat em up like a bowl of hog maws & chitlins
but not me i stay far far far far away
shhh i'm just kidding can i put 2 on layaway?? PLEASE
close my eyes go wild and spin so hard my hands turn crimson red
king of the castle windmilling like titty tassels on some breast-asis
super swags the best-estest. Nah we just some assholes
jump rope necklace hula hoop you like a lasso

sugar ray leonard coehen
every morning bow throwin
women wonder why i leave my room so satisfied cause am
wildin out looney toonin croonin like barry manalow got
shuffle on roughin up all my stuff to every band i know

eff a broad i aint tryna impress no ho
but i bet this bass is deep enough to queef your sisters pee hole
these rhymes I say arent serious
so please girls if your hearing this
then you are way to close to my headphones yo
Hold it like a handle
you can't handle it I'm santa handing
presents to the baddest kids and banishing the goody list
I'm searching for the prettiest girls and sifting through the hideous
squirrels ....That got the toe jam like earl

you need a pedi and a manny but that man you need is notta me
and I gotta be leaving I kiinda got an appointment
and your cuticles they need some ointment
Gota beautiful girl on hold that the truth be told say that she can dis join limbs
well I'm the king of them appendages and I'm bending them slowly
medusa caruso found you so get used to the stones and the gold piece
5 piece
I'm pickin out you chickens cockblockin you like a goalie
I'm killin yer guts are spillin yer unfamiliar dont act like you know me

T double S P we ROCk da beat
MORE MORE they scream like we're Ovaltine
Pullies pullinn us up to the top
Please police harassin us stop
Well our swag increases with every release AND
Girls Eye rape us cause we're Next level like elevators in skyscrapers
check your watch
all the cute the girlies be like OH and point to me so call me tosh
oh my gosh.
Troll the world and laugh like comedy central
i'm a machine set on extreme wash. Too clean.

Check my credentials. you better watch out
sexy beast my expertise is in bringing the mosh out
call me chewbacca. smooth talker
you're a rookie i'm a wookie take a lookie at my ball fuzz

Hey girls. Wassup. It's JD from sooper.
Heard you want some bangers. Open your mouth say yes please.
Asian girls. Yes please
Standing still? Check please.
Let me spell it out. JD
I want 2 C U dancing.
I need to see you Dancing
Like duhm duh da da duhm duh da da.
Rumchata make loosey goosey.
sooper swag make sooper Hyphy
You thirsty? Daddy long legs, poor drinks free.
Daddy long legs drop tracks free.
Just ask please.

I saw this cute girl at a party. Shorty.
Was in the corner when a good song started. Shorty, I caught a
Glance over
So I danced over
Looked the ass over
And I ask for her with lean forward
And was being forward when
I told her. Shorty.
I think your really nice,
Please return tommorrow night
She smiled.
But she was like I don't know
you're a player, I was like.
I said I know I looked the ass over
But fast word to 8 weeks later
I still date her even named her. Shorty.

My hearts beating in my throat
cute girls make my brain explode
watch a group of them go to the bathroom together and come out whispering naughty things like
"Nnamdi's got a nice body and I wish he would be my boyfriend"
Hey girl, you're looking real nice
how about we go out for some shrimp fried rice
not because you're asian. because that shits delicious
instagram it. take some pictures!
put it up on your page so everyone can look and say
you lookin real cute but who is that dude?
you should make him go away