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by The Sooper Swag Project

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Back with badder timing think it bad Unlikely. How many times do I have to come Pave a way for the pathles? Follow, for the game I'll save. I filled up cards. Beat on hard. Float on YUNKS Focus once. Hydro pump. That's extra punch. Hyper Tension drum. Section up. Upper echelon . My essence one. Went and learned my lessons young. Now impressive stuff. Mathrappin is a BADD habits waitin on the rest you yunks Sleeping Next you yunks All you need is head get bust Lucky 13 Prime. Autograph time signatures I Took the rap game and claimed integers Quantized non linear Polyrythmical 4 is typical. All my rhythms indivisible But all these kids are too political Can't even tell jokes with out folks Wantin to fight and stuff Use a dodge tool on you uptights need to lighten up. Home schooled on the Internet Live lies and love I'm a BADD guy doings BADD time in the punk clothes call me rag time Trash kitten I'm a superstar Baddest album of the year. Man I'll admit it. Eyes pop. I'm Popeye with a case of spinach Got the greatest hits since I escaped from prison Archers eye through sniper scope got great precision Session with Wizzy me ready but dizzy Don't be Testin my weapon. Less you know metaphysics Throw up confetti dancin Betty spaghetti I'm Ed edd and eddy the whole block lookin sexy Socks to my knees I'm grandfather time I rock when I please Im Rockin right now Rockin time rifts I was due for a shift Accomplish great feats and I guess the shoes fit Thank you to God for sending me blessings Thank you mom as to dad rest of fam Shouts to fans that keeping me steady now And helping the spreading while these beats I'm finessing dust these yunks like Andretti got your socks lookin heavy Rents due tomorrow i just lost my wallet tripped and chipped my tooth and swallowed it debt colllectors keep calling. shit I pick the phone to answer but it slips right out my hands and plops in a dirty bathroom right in the toilet i used lunge to grab it almost had it hit my head its bleeding now i’m kneeling on the nasty tile floor my dicks a dangling out the pants of course what the fuck I go to zip it up and now the beans above the franks thats cause somethings going on why is sooper swag about to drop their fucking album right when everything is going wrong sick of shitty rappers sick of pointed laughter sick of having bad times Mad because we change the fucking game up never underestimate us yeah we do it every time time. the meter is odd you’re witnessing gods re-upd and evolved like a charzard lit pall mall hope all yawl have a badd time the swag is Sooper bradley cooper its limitless no desist me and snitch don’t coexist sneaks and snake will leave this place after they trampled stampede stamp it seal it send it post it you never notice great shit accumulating late fees i accomplish great feets like shaqs adidas no one can beat us we sooper swag ropin in that chick she rogen in super bad nnamdi nnamdi why your verses so damn nice get your mouth off my weenie they just rhymes get your foot off my foot I’m a land mine or oh my goooodness you’ll be having badd time
Float, float on Yunk you’ll get severed and sliced left in ice butcher better fly kutcher I’ll ash on your grave after bashing your face cause I don’t give a fuck Yer beaming like jet fuel can’t melt you i’ll whip out my belt fool you know i’m for realla you lighter than air suck the helium fuck all your feelings you better be airborne you’re making me sick, when i’m already sick united or delta you i don’t care for float on // go buy the tick make it a one way go hit the runway float through the sun you root beer you sticky you stinky don’t come near you dummy you dumb FLOAT ON
Swoop her Slide in sideways. had to do it Boost the music. shoot the snoozer, wakin up to Last nights cat fight. feelin stupid. Such a rubix. baby come back to me Happily My chapters after. trapper masterpeice. Cracker rapper in the skinny slackers blastin beats Can't funny dance alone Rap chancellor bend time you know Dummy yunk tried to battle wearin axe cologne did not pass go. Go home in gape. Sent off with his tail tucked Tight Type o blood. Buddy, bleed on the mic Try to speak peace but I love wrecking a yunk Swoop here I am. Lucy lu China man. Lady crew from Japan. And my Girl Korean Impressionist features throw message not weapons life's lessons Testin your speakers. With records so fleek flossing pop rocks I still rock cause I'm the man Blind woman. I Said hi and she cried. oh man. Tighten hand. Swoop her off of her diamond flats cause I'm the man. But I can't funny dance alone pack all of your shit chill in my hide away sweep you off your feet just like a tidal wave i know you’ve seen me saw you on a date last week wasn’t trying to spy in just bad timing’s kinda my thing now your single and i planned our escape you don’t need to worry, nnamdi got you covered like drapes alrighty everythings alright when you are right by me i care about you SO MUCH even screaming not enough damn i’m an architectect -our plans unravel i can see you levitate - lets dip out lets float green tips pesto bodies presto pressed so tightly every SINGLE night I know you like i know you LIKE NO OTHER GIRL LETS FLY I JUST MIGHT.COME. AND
Lookin over its the Long leg boy. got rap fashion All stop motion Posin. Took YA to the promisedland. Haven't even made a grand. No stock showin. People Lookin over at me. Like I'm Olsen Ashley Like I just pulled out a full mouth all teeth glowin. Flowin. Long hair don't care Except when it's in my face Aspect. You can't see my face Jam man. come and get a taste I look like I'm off the lake That means I'm looking great And if you don't like seeing scrapes Shut up keep looking straight De la keep the faith Eye know I am RODAn Kaiju My crew Roll down the block with them Nike kicks dude Plastic gold on the watch that's how 90's kids do Put the green in the sock skinny jeans look like sticks and I'm smokin and smokin and smokin and smokin Whole street bumpin like I'm volleyball coachin The girls can't respond to this body I'm clothed in Look into my eyes I'm Hollywood focused So that's focus and focus and work TIL you own it Code on my arm I shout out to OFO kids Wizzy twins art and he come hocus pocus Why the fuck you looking over nah bro i don’t even know ya think you see me nuh uh, no sir you stick out like ya’ll some nose hair tzatziki god i’m looking kronos g roll off that trigger chrono Akira Toriyama, so pro all my new grooves lama so gold fear me run to momma go go kodak roll back hold up float on yunk You can’t get a picture no no i’mm dip out limbo lola ya WHY THE FUCK YOU LOOKIN OVER EMAIL? I WONT LOOK IT OVER BACK SPACE YOUR SHIT JUST GOT NOVA'D SCOOT YOUR ASS TO NOVA SCOTIA
SKIT (free) 01:24
my lips are sealed, lock it up and throw away the key Dont talk to me bitch, i dont know you anyways. Thats a no no thats a no no If Nnamdi don't know you then Go Home. My lips are sealed my eyes are peeled you so me looking over them jaws is dropping got you stopping like we hit that coda so get that chit chat over and make that bitch ass float on no time for yunks no time for talking at all Silent G just like my surname. Talk? Talk? no way I just mime it. I waste no breath on whining if you want a story go watch maury you can’t get a single syllabal out of my now I’m not talking unless you got some money for me now shut up shut up shut up unless you got some bigger bills now if it can fit my fist then keep count(ing) i’m like a picture bitch so be proud you got a thousand words so leave now I’m not talking unless you got some money for me now fuck your crew and your crowd you know sooper swag is too rowdy we came to shut this bitch down but you sleepin soft like you downey I aint sayin shit i’m impatient i’m charade king watch my face twitch I can’t change and i aint take advise from nay says fly away i’m blind with rage i mime at yunks to go float away waiting round if anyone i see can even step into my scene or is it sillier to think a city got another nigga like me BUT THEY DONT SO fuck up everybody with my shitty wind up energy i’m running out of breath and i’mma pass out in second but i'm still a better rapper than half of you geeks Oh shit i'm Charlie Chaplin You cant hear me now Oh shit i'm Charlie Chaplin You can see me now My lips are sealed like letters say something? i wont ever talk I dont need to say nothin. im charlie chaplin
LAKESIDE Clearwater coralfish hopping out the lake. Cool Ethereal raindrops dropping on my face. Pool Lakeside set with soft sands sing chordettes. Comb Long hair. Suntan lotion on the bae. Come on breathe easy. ICO sun shine down at my ground, gold feet Froze drinkies. ISO blunt, lie down in the green grass. Been Forethinking. Need a fortnight spent tour. Singing. Forgot cords and things to record some things lakeside organ speaks Languages you can't understand. Taste pure Oxygen man you can feel the place And Just think for days Watch it man. I look like Farrah faucet man. And. Drop a damn yunk if he looks my way. Throw you hooks for days. Damn. Hula hoop chain man I'm so wild Evergreens push back the next mile Through the pool back up and splash none Make a loop beat bet I get riled up While I'm checking out the scene girls party round the king spring breaker Laid back And catch some shade in the way back Got the Members only jacket with some cash up in the seems. SUNDAY breeze. Go to church. Learn. And thank god for this place man lakeside lakeside Cool blue water and the great sky Man there's somethin bout shore line Lakeside lakeside Just be and forget time The crew 11 babes on a boat Drunk girls hold up unless Bright colored finch flicked a feather as he flies Falls. Lands in the water freckled fish it flinches / dives Come Sip from the spring cool Aqua from the earth Then Float with the current carry softly til reside I want a lakeside deck With the pa blastin Asian girl Asian girl she's fantastic In the PROMISEDLAND woods with the music bumping Asian girl Asian girl damn she's something
ALL OUT 05:50
999999999999999999999999999 It's JD Y'all know me Triforce tracks Giving back Lick the stash I'm like fa Shun model Man white collar Bizness I holler Out to bae Hold me down Hold me down Never yunk Always up Up til 3 Makin beats On my feet Footwork loops and that funny dance Swish I've got fruit loop jewels I'm the money man Ball Dunk a yunk Scoot scoot scram for I bust up a yunk Go on float on like dust Like damn Yunk man Snow man Summer time No chance I don't melt down under pressure Ima get louder every measure So yeah I'm So BADD Time so rad You See Sooper swag We the best band Playin house shows kissin emo girls in the mini van I battle many man But I don't hate any fan Watch when I swing Time pack a heavy hand Humiliate a silly fake Doin zero in the station wag Roll around with them windows down and the heat up Girls lookin for Love from three dudes who complete em Lets continue the tour
Girls With Glasses
MR. ROGERS 03:36
Mr Rogers Comin wit dat hot sauce Heat'll knock ya socks off I got different flavors Silly boy you faker smokin vaper (sneak) I be sippin saki With them girls from shaolin (NI hao) Wish they were my neighbor Chat it up with the whole block I be sittin gamin with my neighbors Man I'm thankful for my haters See you donkeys later I ain't gonna wait for Fans to get me the paper Ups to Nnamdi that's my motivator (fam) We be famous with our neighbors Kimmy gibler all up in your space roger roger sister sister mr feeny on you weenies need learn a lesson. Listen bud. I'm Sooper whinnie cooper I'm that rapper next door Seen you spyin (seen you spyin) Givin back spend millions on my neighbors Bill grape grapes grapers Burn u like some hot sauce Friendly mr Rogers King Friday im top dog I'll be sittin at the top top woo woo It be Me and all my neighbors Come through too cool Train these yunks like choo choo Who is you dude Chillin with my neighbor Chilling with my neighbor no han solo me and bro tho all black on like vader fader cover soon i’ll be on eating good like cedar never catered keep it kosher fuck u posers paper polaroid you in the dark i’m barkin at the neighbors can i borrow your lawn mower i’ll bring it back later Ld thats my neighbor he my n word he my friend howdy howdy hey there wilson flanders kramer Top of the morning to you its that ugo you know still inside that bath robe out to get dads paper breakfast brew up in the mug chillin in the front yard see my neighbors HOWDY wonder what they up to drinkin sodas oh wow nigga me too we should regroup maybe bbq up in the afternoon i know your stinky ass aint got nothing else to do talkin over fences ya you know that we friends where are your parentals fuck around get fuckin roundhouse hope you got the dentals yeah we wrassling drinkin wildwoods eating cheetos oatmeal cream pies skittles taste the rainbow my neighbor are ok though
Split time I can I am Yunk smasher My code Un Breakable S s p Runs this land Understand Dahs and dits prove My mighty hand Break man Swift. Time shift Fork lift Sold out shelf Get that rent fixed b Give me creds quick Play to win Open Your mouth Say dahhh The girls go so wild Me and LOGAN The PROMISEDLAND Pure Dot dash dot Ours is all things Swag swoop swerp I am math Future was here Oh oh oh Now you know Who he chose Born prodigy In slim clothes In my home Gold It fit But it's not writ It is told I am apex Heed my code sent Trust I telegraph these Words with my mind Speak to the blind Peace Master tracks for cheap Asked for math rap Gave them twice that Hiked my own land Low key is hard Got star in my damn genes Every damn day New tracks made gold tongues Time outgrows suns Stay true Like so few. Show code on the stage 1 4 5 9 tattoo. Crew. Double Dutch wrist watch on. I come through With twenty asian girls like Liu Send message to main land Announce I am here Choppin hits Hip hop lives Growth Off the clock and With BADD time Every day
Walk into the club Dunk yunk Drop em in some water swimming trunks  Sunk yunk Mad because I'm Badd with the triplet cut That's a Double d I laugh BEcuz you're bad give it up Or percussion be. Beat. Tune him up like Ding. Damn. JD. Funny. dance. Girls. go. crazy. I'm the. coolest guy you Know. Snow Miser movin glaciers Seperate. greats from plains and Iiiiiimm your main man Took some time. Arranged a group that Rides the waves man And could stomp on your lame ass Don't you know that King swag JD money pants. world known famous. I'm like sun rays when I show Bright Blind Half step Turn Trillest Known Tip Quit I'm it Tagged Sidekick Fam Dunk the yunk Plus we gotta jump rope necklace I don’t give a fuck what you think (aint got no time for that shit) nnamdi move too fast never blink (fuck are you looking at) i don’t think i just go (vroom vroom) flood the city pants rolled up oh wow go nuts get screechy kill em ichi when i’m here better move better get with the movement fuck with our music or fuck you stupid mario and sonic she just really want them rings and coins stanky booty thirsty nasty girl she wanna boink my loins ladies droolin wanna piece of us. got a useless tounge take a lick. debonair. everything i wear. is an instant classic. bruce lee kung fu and its yunks i’m smacking. step on my scene. step up to me and its yunks i’m smacking. talking bout jd or say shit bout luscious it’s yunks i’m smacking.
I'm done With the waiting I'm the one Mix them beakers Blow it up I'm a teach these kids I'm bill bye With them lessons looping on repeat For these yunks In the lab I'm so BADD Do the math I'm the one Up and atom smash reaction Unstable matter Boy this taste like magic potion Take a sip and Scotty pippin Probly trippin Cause I'm rap game fast lane white Haynes Michael Jordan Dunkin on da doubters fun dip and powder Dr zhavago done Got lots of chicks and friends up all around me In the lab always and Ain't gonna stop til I get it Aim with the chops and the rhythms Claim I ain't top and you'll get it The business Im a prodigy but I prodigal so I might as well spend It damn My hypothesis is that you love my hits Cheer and yell as we Put em out. Find the sneaks. Put em out Basic science ain't no room for feeder fish Chop em up. samples cook. Petri dish Altered beast my magic potion make you switch Steven hawking. With dem sauce beats. Leave a broad sing like song bird (oooo) My whole team spit hot heat like I just ate hot wings spitll burn right through your work jeans oooo I seen that funny glance Throw Knucky SAMs Til his tummy jammed Y'all do that funny dance If you hear these words And you understand right now Got a full time job And a full mind on Going full time touring Want the the whole 9 yards For my BADD time bars Cause I think I deserve it Eating corn on the cob. I'm the Illinois boy Bill grapes bill grapes I don't care what you made if you paid for it boy no way still fake Float on yunk I'm a BADD scientist I'm done With the waiting I'm the one Mix them beakers Blow it up I'm a teach these kids I'm bill bye With them lessons looping on repeat For these yunks In the lab I'm so BADD Do the math I'm the one Who got that golden gun my lap With a lot a shells in the mag Prada belt got the flash Shotty work ain't an option Spot a jerk and I'll stomp em
NNAMDI GETTIN ( IGNORANT AS FUCK TODAY (AHHHHH) LOONEY TOONS LIKE (BUGGIN IS MY FORTE (doc wusssup) SEE YOU LOOKIN (OVER LIKE I’M FOUR Eight (elmer fudd) JUDGIN ALL MY( NUMBERS THIS A COURT CASE) (got too much) I’MMA MISS YOUR BIRTHDAY I’M ON TOUR IN MAY(damn you old) I’M NOT MISSIN NO ONE I’M ON TOUR AYEEEEE (damn you old) MUST BE GOIN DEAF. WHAT THE FUCK YOU SAYING (huh) I’M AS HUGE AS HEF BOY AINT HERE TO PLAY (games) we gon' get more plays on this than gotye ( YOU KNOW I WILL higher order skills draw you in like pecos bill we slay the bill and dip out I’m from west africa Nnamdi wild You know I’m will 7 Know I come in toms twisted Dare to be different why I switched it Modulate. Mind in polid state. Seven'd the staff the fans trippin I swear to these sneaks I'm going get em A lot of fakes. Knock em out the way Meditate. Taste divine visions Legs centipede. Race to line finish Dennis rodman save. Out of the box don't hesitate Look to the sun receive wisdom Illuminate. Light. hip hop prism Multi faced. disperse lotta Rays In every way Beat too hot to handle unless you speak algebra I've thrown out some samples and now a whole album bruh (Calculus) Like Einstein i Channel razzle dazzle battle cry Nnamdi and LD and I coming to break it wide Open hit piñata Donkeys pin it on ya Chase you great piraña Mario and sonic Most just reall want them Rings and coins and dollars I just really want to I just really want to One day win an Oscar One day win a Grammy then they'll understand me know I got the power


Our full length Math Rap album BADD TIMING // Odd timing hip hop // yunk smashing anthems. STREAM ON SPOTIFY AS WELL <3 SSP






Special appearances by:

Julia Steiner (Ratboys)
Seth Engel (Options)


released April 20, 2016


all rights reserved



The Sooper Swag Project Chicago, Illinois


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